We offer services and programs for Vashon Island residents and their pets with the goal of preventing pet homelessness in our island community. We do this by mobilizing the power of volunteers and through the generosity of our donors and community partners.




Five core values guide every aspect of VIPP’s pet rescue and pet owner support work in our Vashon Island community: teamwork, transparency, compassion, integrity and accountability. 


VIPP volunteers from our Vashon Island community have been the backbone of our organization since 1984. Our 39 years and the experience and enthusiasm of our volunteers have proven that teamwork encourages new ideas, helps solve problems, builds morale, and promotes broader community support. We value collaboration and strategic partnerships with individuals, businesses, and other nonprofits on Vashon and beyond because they improve our community and further our mission. 


Transparency means honest and open communication about the companion animals we offer for adoption and about the work we do. We strive to provide every potential adopter with complete information about the pet -- the information they want and the information they need. VIPP never withholds information or concerns about a dog or cat. We combine the insights and experience of professional animal behaviorists, foster team members and adoption team members to provide an adoption experience that is as transparent as possible. 

Similarly, the VIPP Board, its officers and its program managers continually work to develop and refine safe, ethical and conscientious policies and procedures for the organization and its volunteers. This effort incorporates best practices and standards for nonprofit animal welfare organizations, and VIPP constantly seeks to improve its service to the Vashon community by listening to and collaborating with VIPP volunteers, community stakeholders, animal welfare experts and the Vashon residents we serve. 


We value compassion and understanding over being judgmental. Central to VIPP’s mission is the compassionate and responsible treatment of animals and people. Economic hardships, personal challenges and complex life circumstances often cause pets to be in need. With this in mind, many of VIPP’s programs and services are designed to support community members who are struggling to provide the best care possible for their furry family members. 


We expect our organization and its volunteers to pursue our mission with the highest moral, ethical and legal standards. We work constantly to develop policies and procedures required to be effective stewards of VIPP’s human resources, its financial assets, and its reputation in the Vashon Island community. 


VIPP is accountable to our community’s companion animals and to their people. We are committed to providing leadership in our Vashon Island community in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the community members we serve. As a nonprofit pet rescue without law enforcement authority, VIPP adheres to all Washington State laws regarding animal care and control and the rights of pet owners. VIPP will never retain a companion animal without its owner’s written consent, and we never require a fee for return of a found pet. 



Vashon Island Pet Protectors, established in 1984, works each day to improve the quality of life for companion animals on Vashon Island. Affectionately known Island wide as ‘VIPP,” Vashon Island Pet Protectors is a no-kill and non-profit 501c3 animal rescue organization run by compassionate and animal loving volunteers. In so many ways, VIPP offers the best possible resource for people and animals to make a connection on Vashon Island.

VIPP provides shelter, food and medical care to lost, abandoned and/or relinquished dogs and cats who are waiting for loving and forever new homes. VIPP is a no-kill organization. No dog or cat has ever been euthanized except on the recommendation of a veterinarian to spare it suffering. Our foster families and volunteers have made this enviable record possible.


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