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Aisling is an Irish name that means dream or vision in Gaelic. Aisling is indeed a vision of loveliness with...

Domestic Short Hair
8 Years Old

Bebe is a funny little one.  She really wants to have human friends but she is still a but unsure. ...

Domestic Short Hair
2 Years Old
Bonded With: Spencer  

Bridget is Feral. She has lived her life as an outdoor cat but would love a safe warm place to...

Domestic Short Hair
4 Years Old

Diamond was born on August 22, 2020. He's a mix of gold and cinnamon brown. He has a beautiful swirl...

Tabby & American Shorthair
3 Years Old

Although Gilly might be considered an older guy at 15, he does not act or look like it.  Gilly is...

15 Years Old
Silver Litter: Mother of Chloe and Norris - all 3 at VIPP shelter

Silver Girl is the wiliest of her siblings that came to VIPP in October of 2015.

Domestic Short Hair
9 Years Old
Bonded With: Bridget  

When Spencer was brought to VIPP in April of 2021, he was thin and matted and afraid. Since being at...

Domestic Long Hair
10 Years Old

Versace (or just Sace) was born August 31, 2020. His designer’s name would have you think he's a fancy cat,...

American Shorthair & Calico
3 Years Old

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