Veterinary Financial Assistance

VIPP helps people by helping animals. One way we do this is by providing limited emergency financial assistance ONLY to Vashon/Maury Island residents, as we believe a pet is better off in a good home than euthanized or being surrendered. VIPP assistance is not for routine veterinary practices, such as annual vaccinations. VIPP requests the right to consult with the attending veterinarian in determining the level of assistance to be provided, and VIPP assists with payments to vets only, not individuals. In order to qualify, pet owners must do the following:

  1. Fill out a financial assistance application in advance of a vet visit. In the event of an emergency, fill out the application at the vet’s office. Click HERE to fill out a Financial Assistance Application.
  2. VIPP may provide financial assistance in the form of a small grant after consultation with the attending vet.
  3. The owner should explore other avenues for assistance, such as friends, family, Go-Fund-Me programs, etc.
  4. In the event of a substantial bill, VIPP requires the owner to first apply for CareCredit (or its equivalent) to pay the bill or defray as much as possible. To learn more about and apply for CareCredit, please Click Here.
  5. If CareCredit is not granted, the owner is to fill out a reimbursement form that includes the total request, based upon the vet estimate, and the terms under which the owner will reimburse VIPP. This may be monthly payments or in some cases, in-kind support to VIPP through volunteering, etc.  Other options to investigate that provide assistance for vet bills are: Frankie’s Friends, Brown Dog Foundation and Humane Society.

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