Waifer (Wafer)

Hi! My Name Is Waifer (Wafer)

This lovely soul has passed over the rainbow bridge and is with us now in our memory and in spirit. If you are looking for to share your life with a cat like Waifer (Wafer), please visit our Available Cats Page

When Waifer came into Fair Isle as a stray, she was as thin as a waifer earning her name. She was full of fleas and her coat was a mess. All of lower incisors and canines were found to be missing, with inflamed gums and her upper canine teeth had penetrated the upper lips bilaterally. Needless to say, this girl had suffered some trauma. Once she came to the VIPP shelter, she was so happy to get regular meals and a warm bed. She is also getting used to being comfortable with humans again. Waifer has a huge story and we will never know the half of it. In the meantime, she is looking for a warm indoor home where she can continue to recuperate from all that she has been through. Waifer came to VIPP on 6/22/21.

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