I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Cypress

We're happy to tell you that Cypress has a new furever home.
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You will be struck by Cypress's elegant markings which include orange and white stripes, Pippi Longstocking stripes!  Cypress has always been very independent, she being the one to initiate human contact, brushing against the legs of her person and then plopping down nearby.  Cypress would need a good scratching post or two.   Cypress has been used to being an only cat in a home with adults.  She seeks the same in her next home. 




I have no idea about her interactions with other cats, other than a neighbor’s cat who used to sit at the edge of our property and just observe.  Cypress did not interact with him, other than just sit and stare, and then move on to her own business.  A more aggressive cat used to visit our property, and we would hear occasional growling and snarling, but I don’t think there were any actual altercations.  We have been unaware of this other cat’s presence recently.


Cypress was quite sick with a respiratory infection of some kind a number of years ago, but medication worked its wonders and she has not been beset with this condition since.  In general, she has been a healthy cat.


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