February is Fix A Cat Month

February is Fix a cat month

Date & Time

February 1, 2023 through Feb 28, 2023


Fair Isle Animal Clinic (206)463-3607

*Four Paws Veterinary Clinic (206)567-7782

Book Appointments soon!

Appointments fill up fast so we recommend that you call in January to book your February appointment.

These prices are for cats only. $70 for a female spay, $60 for a male neuter.

*Four Paws Veterinary Clinic will only be performing male neuters.

If you have a dog that you would like to have spayed or neutered, VIPP offers vouchers year round which can be used on Vashon, with the customer paying the difference, or off island, completely free at NW spay/neuter. Learn more under our SERVICES tab on this website.

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