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Adopt A Cat Day, this Sat 11:30-2:30 **THE 2017 FUR BALL is Cancelled - OnLINE Auction is ON.

VIPP IS OPEN FOR ADOPTIONS EVERY SATURDAY From 11:30-2:30. Come in and meet our wonderful cats - every one of them needs a home to call their own. If you need to schedule an appointment, please call 389-1085 or email Shelter Address: 12200 SW 243rd Street - off of Old Mill Rd. Dog adoptions are by appointment only, call 389-1085 or email VIPP's dogs are not housed at the cat shelter, but are in foster homes or boarded on Vashon. Click here to see the current dogs:

For directions to the shelter - click continue below.

THE 2017 FUR BALL IS CANCELLED Originally scheduled for Nov 4th at the Open Space, it has been cancelled due to construction on the building. VIPP still plans on having an On-Line Auction and possibly other events to try and raise the much needed funds. CLICK HERE To DONATE TO THE ON-LINE AUCTION BEFORE OCT. 30th, 2017.


SMILE.AMAZON.COM helps VIPP! ** Micro-chip your pet for $10Bucks!

USE SMILE.AMAZON.COM If you log into to using, you can choose Vashon Island Pet Protectors as your preferred non-profit and VIPP will receive .05% of your eligible smile purchases! It's easy!!!

Micro-Chip your pet for $10 now! For a limited time Fair Isle animal clinic and VIPP are running a great special. Get a mico-chip (normally $50) for $10 bucks! Keep your pet safe - it is the best way to be reunited with your pet if they are lost and that is so important, especially during an Island emergency. Call Fair Isle now 463-3607 for a voucher and to make an appointment.


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Where are ADOPT A CAT DAYS held?
The VIPP Shelter 12200 SW 243rd Street. every Saturday from 11:30-2:20. See the EVENTS or ADOPT sections of this website for exact details and directions.

Are VIPP animals healthy?
Before any animal is placed into a home, VIPP ensures that it is healthy and ready for adoption. This includes spaying or neutering, vaccinations, flea treatment, and testing for parasites and other problems common to animals on the island. We also microchip every animal. This is simple procedure whereby a computer chip is injected under the animal’s skin. If an animal is lost, VIPP or a vet can run a scanner over the animal. If a chip is found, it will have the name and phone number of the caretaker of the pet. Chipping will be invaluable in the event of a disaster on the island. With your help, we will chip every pet on the island.

What is feline leukemia?
Here is a comprehensive report on FELV.

What is Feline Aids?
For more information on this refer to:

How will I know if the new animal will get along with my other pets?
Please read "Introducing a new animal" in this section.

Does VIPP euthanize animals?
NO, we are a no-kill shelter. The only reason any animal would ever be euthanized is because they were in cronic terminal pain and it was recommended by a veterinarian.

Is de-clawing cats bad?
Once a cat is de-clawed, they are no longer able to protect themselves, check out this link to lean more.

Should my cat be an indoor cat?
If you have a cat that has been de-clawed, the answer is a definitive YES. De-clawed cats can not protect themselves, either by scurrying up a tree or swating at an agressor. They can live long happy lives inside watching the birds from a window. As for the rest of them, It's always a safer bet to keep your animals indoors, but that said, cats love the outdoors. Make sure your animals are vaccinated for rabies, Feline Leukemia, SPAYED or NEUTERED, and a great way to keep them safe is to have them mico-chipped. For a great story on keeping your cat an Indoor cat - see the article in this section "To Be An Indoor Cat".

Is VIPP run completely by volunteers?
YES, we completely depend on the generosity of our volunteers and all donations go straight to animal care. Here is a short video about the services VIPP provides.

Is VIPP associated with any other shelter?
No, VIPP is a completey independant organization.

How can I help VIPP?
There are so many ways to help. For a complete detailed list of all the ways you can help, please go to the SUPPORT section or click the "support VIPP" button on the left margin or to donate, click on the cute dog below and thanks.